Giuaani Winery is located in the village of Manavi, just 45 km away from Tbilisi in the Sagarejo district, Kakheti region.  It offers an ideal opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Georgian traditions and wine culture.

Within the winery’s premises, there are remains of Qvevris that were installed in 1894 to commemorate Mikheil’s (Mikhako’s) birthday. It was during the same year that the Giuashvili family began commercializing their wines. In 2010, the winery underwent a transformation, embracing ultra-modern production methods and rejuvenating the company’s spirit.

Giuaani Winery is a modern facility that is equipped with stainless steel vessels, Qvevri (Georgian Amphora), and oak barrels, allowing for the production of various styles of wine using a diverse selection of Georgian indigenous grape varieties.

At Giuaani Winery, the entire winemaking process takes place on-site. This includes receiving the grapes, conducting the necessary winemaking processes, aging the wines, and carrying out the bottling and labeling. By overseeing the entire process, the winery ensures quality control and maintains a hands-on approach to crafting their wines.

At Giuaani Winery, we warmly welcome visitors to enjoy a guided tour of our estate, immersing themselves in the winemaking process. Following the tour, guests can indulge in a tasting experience led by our professional sommelier, featuring a variety of exquisite Georgian wines, Chacha and brandy. 

For a hands-on experience, guests can participate in the harvest and join masterclasses on making churchkhela, baking bread, making Chacha, and grilling Mtsvadi.

A visit to Giuaani Winery offers more than just a tasting experience. Guests can stay at Giuaani Hotel, indulge in delicious Georgian traditional dishes prepared by the chef at Giuaani’s restaurant, relax in a beautiful garden, and take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.