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Hundred year history expressed in one day

Giuaani winery is located in the Manavi village in the region of Sagarejo, 45 km away from Tbilisi. It is an ideal place for those who want to get familiar with Georgian traditions and wine culture.

The name Giuaani is connected to the Giuaant District, whose inhabitants – Giuashvilis were producing wine while living around the Manavi Castle. In this area, there is located the Giuaani factory, which is equipped with ultra-modern technology.

In the territory of the factory, there are remains of Qvevris that were set up in 1894 to celebrate the birthday of Mikheil (Mikhako). From the same year, the Giuashvilis started the commercialization of wine. In 2010, the ultra-modern production inspired the company with a new spirit.

Guests of Giuaani winery are invited to visit Giuaani factory, taste Qvevri wines made by Georgian traditional method as well as wines made by the European method, barrel wines and Georgian Chacha.

Meanwhile, visitors are offered to participate in the vintage and take the following masterclasses: churchkhela – making,  bread-making and Chacha-making.

During the visit to Giuaani winery, guests will be able to taste Georgian traditional dishes made by chef of Giuaani’s restaurant, also relax in a beautiful garden and enjoy a swimming pool.

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